Astro Boy render

Late here, very very late. But i couldn’t resist to post this. By the upcomig CG movie games are coming too, for Ps2, PsP, ds and Wii. I was a big fan of the little Osamu Tezuka’s son. What About you?





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4 thoughts on “Astro Boy render

  1. Hi there Gorgo!

    Been awhile hasn’t it? I’ve heard of Astro Boy, not a big anime fan but I love they’re drawn. Especially Astro Boy.

  2. HI re!
    Yes u right… to much to play and getting lazy with the blog sorry.

    Not anime fan? really? Some of them are very intresting and very well done. If you want i can give you some hint on what to watch!


  3. Hey Gorgo!

    Well I like to watch anime from time to time, but there are so many of them. What do you you think is fun to watch, I might like it!

  4. U right there are so many of them …
    I’ll give u a lille list of my all time favourite and still not so old, so i think u’ll be able to catch them on the net.

    if u like epic action story
    – Seirei no Moribito –
    – Tengen Toppa Gurren – Lagann – (quite funny too)

    if like something dark
    -Persona – trinity soul-
    -Death note-
    -Ergo Proxy-

    Give it a try… i forgot thrbest place in the net to serch

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