Danny Choo Italian’s review

Danny Choo the man who makes me start this blog had his firt review here in my country, Italy.

The magazine in question is La Repubblica XL, a weekly publication that deals with new technology, fashion, cinema and music.

So at page 122 we have ours stormtrooper and the article about him (unfortunatly very short…) gives a little briefing abot Danny, his past, were he worked and what he’s doing now. It says about his blog yes, and how many people go there but just this, nothing more. No mention of the importance of Danny’s doing.

Is a typical italian article, easy and enjoyable to read but as Danny’ s fellow i was quite pissed off from it. I hate superficial things maybe becouse i’m geek and i’m difficult to satisfy.

But maybe this is just a beginning and things are changing little by little for us Otaku .




4 pensieri su “Danny Choo Italian’s review

  1. Hi re!
    Yes long time no see ^^.

    I had to finish some games and i was busy for other stuff.

    Fallout 3 tooks a lot of time and i was totally hooked by Dead Space. Have you done any of this?

    Wel bye for now!

  2. Hey mate,

    nice site, we could place youup in our blog rol (if you do thesame of course) as we think our readers would like to see the artwork on your site.

    However, be VERY very careful posting Scans or photos of actual images and article straight from magazines.

    You can end up in a lot of trouble if the agazine finds out. It is a breach of copyright laws internationally, and punishable with heavy fines and even jail in some countries.

    Just a friendly cautionary note.

  3. Hi there,

    Thankyou very much for the advise, i never thought to be able to have such trouble. I’ll be more cautious from now on i promise.
    About your request i’ll do with plesure, happy to know u like my little blog.

    So… nice to meet you and Let’s start!


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