Soul Calibur IV artwork – Xbox360 Ps3 –

Finally i’m able to post some real good artwork…enjoy ^^

sc4_pub_2d_astaroth1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_cassandora1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_hilde1_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_pub_2d_ivy1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_kilik1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_lizardman1_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_pub_2d_mitsurugi1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_nightmare1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_raphael1_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_pub_2d_siegfried1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_sophitia1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_taki1_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_pub_2d_tira1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_voldo1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_xianghua1_psd_jpgcopy

and some renders too…

sc4_pub_3dhr_ivy_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_3dhr_mitsurugi_psd_jpgcopy


Bye everyone.


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