Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Xbox360 PC PS3 –


Usually i don’t like very much shooter games but recently i got COD 4 and i have to admit that it’s really really fun. The Single player mode is very nice with a story maybe not so long but very intence and addictive ^^… But the thing that make this game really worth buying is the multiplayer, i mean, we all know that Xbox Live! service is good but with this game is totally awesome! I don’t have a so good broadband connection (4mb) but, every night i play well with no lag at all, maybe is the game, maybe the Live service in any case the game flow is alaways at top terms.

Call_of_Duty_4_Modern_Warfare_-_Console__2 Call_of_Duty_4_Modern_Warfare_-_Console__4 Call_of_Duty_4_Modern_Warfare_-_Console__1

Call_of_Duty_4_Modern_Warfare_-_PC__1 Call_of_Duty_4_Modern_Warfare_-_PC__2 Call_of_Duty_4_Modern_Warfare_-_PC__5






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