Xbox360 Ps3 Soul Calibur IV – Darth Vader and Yoda –

SC4_Darth_Vader_art SC4_Yoda_art

Namco did it again, some very interesting new/bonus Characters!!!

I think it’s a grate idea to put Darth Vader and Yoda but i’m not sure they’ll have force powers too ^^

sc4_vader_002_psd_jpgcopy sc4_vader_voldo_001_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_yoda_cassandra_001_psd_jpgcopy sc4_yoda_tira_001_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_vader_001_psd_jpgcopy sc4_yoda_astaroth_001_psd_jpgcopy

They are both splendid i really like them. NAMCO good job.

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