A week with Assassin’s Creed

We know everything about this game, how it works and how Ubisoft wanted us to play it. Their idea was grate and i got hyped a lot; strike lethal blows and run for my life in a well structured living city. Cool! Well after a week playing this game i feel like to talk about of what i think of it. First, assassin’s creed force you to do again and again the same things, climb, jump and fight, A LOT, this for me isn’t a bad thing becouse how u go around and rund with Altair is something never seen, a continuos fest for your eyes even if you just stay still in the streets. The thing that i dont get is the fighting system. It’s never been for me so enjoyable go around and pick up fights as much as i can, belive me assassin’s creed will give you a so sweet taste of bloodbath that’s kinda grotesque… The fight system is deep but easy to get used to, in about two days u’ll be able to doge, counter, grab and attack almost perfectly giving you the trhill of beign invincible.
So u’ll not run, u’ll not hide, u’ll just brig death upon all the foes u enconter. Maybe Ubisoft created a too powerfull character and the initial project has been lost during the way, relasing a non-finished title…

BUT, it’s an AWESOME game beliveme.





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