Ninja Gaiden 2 – Xbox360


Ninja Gaiden for me is always been something hard, too hard to play. I really love Tecmo’s doing, from DOA to EXTREME B. but their line to make a challenging game is too far away for me ^^…anyway Ninja Gaiden 2 in on road to be release and the screen out show a lots of action and blood.

ng2_b03_tif_jpgcopy ng2_b04_tif_jpgcopy ng2_b05_tif_jpgcopy

ng2_b06_tif_jpgcopy ng2_b12_tif_jpgcopy NINJAGAIDEN03_tif_jpgcopy

(Am i wrong or in this screens we are in Venice, Italy? ^^)

Another little present…so much time has passed…


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