Assassin’s Creed screens – Xbox360 Ps3

160_[ASSASSINS_CREED]_S_[Jerusalem]_[HighPoint1] 162_[ASSASSINS_CREED]_S_[Jerusalem]_[LeapOfFaith1] 173_[ASSASSINS_CREED]_S_[Jerusalem]_[TalalGuardsMelee]

45__assassin_s_creed__s__x360___climbing003_ 46__assassin_s_creed__s__x360___swordcontact_ 34_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[PS3]_[RoofFight]

179_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[Acre]_[PortFight] 180_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[Acre]_[PortOverview] 181_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[Acre]_[PortTraffic]

182_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[Jerusalem]_[JumpInTheSun] 183_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[Acre]_[FriendlyCover] 193_[ASSASSIN_S_CREED]_S_[Jerusalem]_[TalalEncounter]

ASSASSIN_S_CREED_S_[Acre]_[HighPointOverGarden]_Web ASSASSIN_S_CREED_S_[Acre]_[AvoidingTheGuards]_Web ASSASSIN_S_CREED_S_[Acre]_[AirMomemtum]_02_Web

I simply can’t wait this game. At the beginning i tought was another tomb rider clone, but now i’m quite sure that this game will be something amazing. Maybe something already seen but hey, if is fun i got no problem!



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