Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox360


It’s almost time. Virtua Fighter 5 for xbox360 is near to be relased (7-10 days i suppose). The game is not so different fome the ps3 version but will have more object to unlok and….the game on line :-)!

Yes xbox users will be able to fight against other player all around the world! I can’t wait to get my copy!

Here are the renders of the characters.

akira_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy aoi_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy blaze_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy jeffry_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy kage_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy

brad_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy eileen_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy goh_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy lau_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy leifei_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy

jacky_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy lion_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy pai_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy sarah_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy shun_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy

vanessa_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy wolf_pose_01_psd_jpgcopy



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