Keyart – Project X Zone

Just found this nice group of friends posing for us!




Renders – Resident Evil: Revelations

Honestly? I stopped following the series of Resident Evil after the fourth episode on the legendary Gamecube. So i do not know the plot and the setting of this “Revelation” but one thing is certain, these renders are really good.
addictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0000.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0001.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0002.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0003.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0004.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0005.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0006.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0007.jpg  addictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0009.jpg


Patrick Brown – videogames tribute –

Deviantart is an amazing place, even for videogames lovers as we. I found last night (thanks to the homepage of this talented illustrator.

Look at his awesome jobs!

 Resident Evil 5.jpgarmy_of_two.jpgAssassins Creed II.jpgbioshok_2.jpgFallout 3_2.jpgFallout 3.jpgGEARS OF WAR 2.jpggta.jpgRed Dead Redemption.jpgSnake Eater.jpg

I suppose you know all of them right? My favorite is the Fallout 3, the one with the dog.

Time to go!