Artworks -The dangerous beasts of… Pandaria!

I played once WoW, and what is more incredible i managed to reach level 30, than i stopped. Mmorpg aren't good for me, too much time and playing it at the desk is too painful. The new add-on seems pretty neat... why? Because i love PANDAS! Is this a Panda too? Looks like an half … Continua a leggere Artworks -The dangerous beasts of… Pandaria!

Titan Online – another free mmorpg – artwork

You all know that the Internet has to offer an immense amount of MMORPG. Titan online is another of them. From the pics i saw don't seems so intresting, BUT this artwork has something really nice to show ... O_o Enjoy.         Technorati Tags: Titan online, MMORPG, Artwork.