Artworks – Mass Effect 3

You must have figured out by now. I'm a big fan of Mass Effect and still today I have not digested the departure of our Colonel Jhon Sheppard. Please do not be angry if I can not resist to publish everything I find on this fantastic saga. Ecco a voi gli incredibili lavori di Patryk … Continua a leggere Artworks – Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 arrived!

The final chapter of this amazing saga finally is ready to be played, i simply can't immagine what will be like his ending. Bioware did a nice hard paper box this time too as last Me2 collector edition, little more clean this time. Perfectly done... "Mom Bioware" logo. A nice Shepard lady on the back. … Continua a leggere Mass Effect 3 arrived!

Some nice Mass Effect 2 artwork

This evening wondering on Deviantart i found some really nice Mass Effect 2 stuff. King wrex... one of the most beautiful re-encounter moment in the game. The illusive man... never trusted this guy, i simply hate his eyes! Garrus... one of the best  team-mate ever. Touching moment this one too. and some project zero concept art... … Continua a leggere Some nice Mass Effect 2 artwork

Mass Effect 2 collector edition unboxing

Mmmm quite some time from the last post... I'm in Italy again, my trip to Japan went well and i had really grate fun but coming here was quite hard, the reason? My job... a totally mess ^^ But this 2010 start so well on the gamer-side... finally Mass Effect 2 is here I took … Continua a leggere Mass Effect 2 collector edition unboxing