By car around Furen

Spent some time today hanging around. I managed to take some photos around. Today was an amazing day, sunny and terribly cold ^^ I should get up early to see the famous Diamond Dust but i couldn't go out till 10.30... too sleepy In the next few days i'll be able to do my first … Continua a leggere By car around Furen

Shopping in Asahikawa

We went doing some shopping in the biggest near city. Hanging around by car we stopped at one mall and some other nice place.. A media shop... as you can see FFXIII guide already out...O_o A nice charge of manga too... love the japanese item organization... A wall of Gajapon A nice bakery shop... the … Continua a leggere Shopping in Asahikawa

Setting-up for Japan

So next friday we'll leave for Japan... finally ^^. It's been quite some time since we visited my wife's parents but we managed to go to them for this christmas. We are going to Hokkaido, north of Japan. The weather there hits quite bad ( -23 during night ) but has the most beautiful snow … Continua a leggere Setting-up for Japan