Keyart – Dark Souls 2

Never finished the first and this one looks even meaner!

Dark Souls 2 artworks keyart.jpg



Artworks – Mass Effect 3

You must have figured out by now. I’m a big fan of Mass Effect and still today I have not digested the departure of our Colonel Jhon Sheppard. Please do not be angry if I can not resist to publish everything I find on this fantastic saga.

Ecco a voi gli incredibili lavori di Patryk Olejniczak!

Mass Effect 3 Garrus.jpg Mass Effect 3 Grunt.jpg Mass Effect 3 Jack.jpg Mass Effect 3 Kasumi Goto.jpg Mass Effect 3 Legion 2.jpg Mass Effect 3 Mordin Solus .jpg Mass Effect 3 Shepard.jpg Mass Effect 3 Thane Krios.jpg Mass Effect 3 Zaeed Massani.jpg


Renders – Boss of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The closer we get to the day of release of this new chapter in the saga Metal Gear, the more we see interesting things.


Now I do not want to say anything, but those 3 arms? I hope that during the fight do not make anything too