How to rise a Jedi

Since my last post so many days has passed and i feel so bad about that. My son is growing so fast that is almost impossible to not enjoy his first steps into the world.

So i try to play with him as much as i can and last time i introduced him the Lightsaber app for IOS devices.

I did a video of him, enjoy ^^

The only game that i’m playing right now is Skyrim and i simply love it!


Addicted to Ludus on iPad

Surf the net with the little Yu is becoming more and more difficult. Stay at the pc with him around is almost impossible. So we decided to use as quick internet access, an iPad 2.


The display is nice and very responsive




I like this ipad, as family resource. Facetime work well and the surfing is very fast. Using it as a terminal it excels in reading news and look photos, it gives to flikcr new breed!

Well time to go and sorry for the terrible photos ^^

End of an era… moving to Apple

My 2004-from laptop diceded to start ruin… HD freeze, no more spekers… CPU fan always at top speed ecc ecc. So i decided to buy a new laptop but no windows this time. After long thinking i decided to move to Apple…


I took the 13″ version with 4gb ram total.


Is incedible how apple box is polite and minimal, really really impressive.


Evrything has his place, nice and trendy


Luky time! totally free snow leopard disk inside.


Impressive… the minimalistic line of this computer is something else really… I’m not used to such beauty . (sorry for the kitchen hahahahahaha)


The keyboard …. night typing never been so beautifull…


Well time to go bed… 2:18 here, i’ll play more tomorrow


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