Firenze Vintage Selection

This evening before heading home i stopped by Stazione Leopolda showing a very nice event. Vintage Selection 2009. It's a lovely place, totally open space. Builded in 1848 once used as train station . Vintage Slection show a vaste collection of old trend object, from cloth to any kind of accessory. The bar is kind of modern … Continua a leggere Firenze Vintage Selection

Soccer Table for 22 people !!!!

Tonight I went to take a trip to a mall near where I work and look what I found! A "Calcio Balilla" ( the traditional name for table soccer here in Italy ) for 22 players.         I never seen such thing. When I was little, with my friends was a milestone to set afternoons together. … Continua a leggere Soccer Table for 22 people !!!!