How to rise a Jedi

Since my last post so many days has passed and i feel so bad about that. My son is growing so fast that is almost impossible to not enjoy his first steps into the world.

So i try to play with him as much as i can and last time i introduced him the Lightsaber app for IOS devices.

I did a video of him, enjoy ^^

The only game that i’m playing right now is Skyrim and i simply love it!

Games Goodies Free!

Having some friends working in the games industry sometime is a really nice thing! I had one this weekend for dinner at my place and you know what? He brought goodies!


First a nice The force U. II t-shirt!


Back side…


…a lovely Fallout New Vegas dice set…


And a promotional copy of Gothic 4 Arcania..


I didn’t plan to play this game, the demo wasn’t so good in my opinion but now i have no excuse ^^

Well time to go bye!

A new Star Wars character for Soulcalibur IV – AGAIN ??

Now, i understand Namco want to make a good game but this doesn’t mean fill a title like Soulcalibur with character from different saga as Star Wars.

I’ m ok with Joda and Darth Vader, they are wanderfull characters with a so amazing background  that they may fit well in the this Game.

But this new one? The Secret Apprentice out of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ? I think this is getting too much… don’t you think?

Apprentice (1) Apprentice (2) Apprentice

And some pic of him in action..

Apprentice (3) Apprentice (5) Apprentice (4)

Apprentice (6) Apprentice (7)



Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Ps3/Xbox360 new screens


This game become more and more real, i can’t wait to play the 360 verion, really.

NextGen-Grip NextGen-LightningTroopers

NextGen-Rancor Rancor5 raxus2

On the net most people are sayng that this game will suck becouse of the hype too hight. Onestly i have fate on this title, maybe becouse i’m big Star Wars fan or maybe becouse in the past some of best game i ever played were based on this saga like Jedi Knight I & II and Knight of the Old Republic.