Addicted to Ludus now on Facebook

After a long thought I have today officially opened the Addicted to Ludus’s page on Facebook. I do not know if it is a good idea but I think for those people who follow me will have the chance to know immediately when I post something new.



Hope to see you there!


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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 get!

And so the time has come to return to the battlefield with Black Ops 2. I admit that with fps games I‘m not very good, I have a bad aim and reflexes are even worse. But I love playing with my friends on Xbox Live, where every game turns into an avalanche of jokes and teasing.



Just to let you see how I am incompetent, I did some video. But it’s stronger than me, I enjoy it so much.


Mass Effect 3 arrived!

The final chapter of this amazing saga finally is ready to be played, i simply can’t immagine what will be like his ending.

Bioware did a nice hard paper box this time too as last Me2 collector edition, little more clean this time.



Perfectly done…


“Mom Bioware” logo.


A nice Shepard lady on the back.


This year too the is a comic book inside, some dlc bonus codes, the artbook ( too many spoliers inside!!!) and a

nice N7 strap badge.


Well time to start the adventure!

One more think! fell free to addme on xboxlive friendlist if you need a palyer for some ME3 multiplayer session

GORGO A BESTIA is my nickname


How to rise a Jedi

Since my last post so many days has passed and i feel so bad about that. My son is growing so fast that is almost impossible to not enjoy his first steps into the world.

So i try to play with him as much as i can and last time i introduced him the Lightsaber app for IOS devices.

I did a video of him, enjoy ^^

The only game that i’m playing right now is Skyrim and i simply love it!

A visit from Japan!

Last week my wife cousin and his wife came visit us from Japan, so we decided to bring them around Tuscany.


Hiro and Yuko never been in Italy before so they were quite exited to go around, even near our house.


and around Florence too



here is the Duomo.





And we went to Pisa too to see the famous tower.



I think they had quite nice time i hope they’ll come to visit us again soon!


Deus Ex Human Revolution – Augmented Edition – Get!

I was waiting this game for so long… i didn’t played Invisible Wars but i loved the first episode so much. The setting and the character development was so amazing and vast.

Remembering the beauty of the past i decided to get the augmented edition and i admit it’s quite nice…


Adam Jensen, in all its mighty.


nice and crisp images inside.


a nice artbook inside.


A nice edition indeed and the game for what i’ve played seems to follow pretty well the original.

Time to go


A nice walk in Florence.

I was born in Florence in the 1975 in the old town, i lived there till i was than i moved to my grandfather town. A really small town in the Tusany called Massa Marittima. When we moved back to Florence when i was 10 we went live outside the city and usually i don’t get there really often.

Bust yesterday for work i needed to go there…. what a lovely walk!

Photo 24-06-11 15 09 03.jpeg

This is Palazzo Vecchio, the Town City Hall… remember from Assassin’s Creed?

Photo 24-06-11 15 10 44.jpeg

This is the street were i was born just tree steps from Palazzo Vecchio.

Photo 24-06-11 15 11 23.jpeg

Just round the corner the Porcellino, a bronze statue that bring good luck to who touch his nose.

Photo 24-06-11 15 13 31.jpeg

This is me.

Photo 24-06-11 15 14 29.jpeg

Palazzo Vecchio again.

Well time go go.


Some nice stuff

Last evening i went visit my friend who works in games industry for some info about the new games that are coming out. We had a nice conversation and at the end he gave to my a load of free goodies!


I’m no more a Pc gamer but this is a really nice Blizzard T-shirt !


When i saw this i was speechless… the Bioshock vinile ost…


I should go to visit my father to play this… he still have a vinile sound system.


Also this Key holder is very well made.


A lovely little sister


The creepy stuff in the up right corner is a soft sword from Soul Calibur i think, but not so sure…


Indiana LEGO Jones… I love it.


Well time to go.

Bye everyone!